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«Celebration» es el primer sencillo del tercer álbum de grandes éxitos de Madonna, Celebration, el cual será lanzado el 29 de septiembre de 2009. Escrita y producida por Madonna y Paul Oakenfold, la canción comenzó a sonar en las radios el 31 de julio de 2009.
Además de la versión original, existen remixes promocionales, realizados por los disc jockeys Paul Oakenfold y Benny Benassi.

Versión del álbum — 3:35
Remixes promocionales:
Oakenfold 12" Dub — 6:32
Benny Benassi Remix — 5:28
Benny Benassi Edit — 4:01
Benny Benassi Radio Edit — 3:36
iTunes Remixes EP[4]
«Celebration» (Benny Benassi Remix Edit) - 3:58
«Celebration» (Benny Benassi Remix) - 5:28
«Celebration» (Benny Benassi Dub) - 6:00
«Celebration» (Oakenfold Dub Remix) - 6:32
«Celebration» (Oakenfold Remix) - 6:32
«Celebration» (Johnny Vicious Club Remix) - 7:58

I think you wanna come over, yeah I heard it through the grapevine.
Are you drunk or you sober? Think about it, doesn’t matter
and if it makes you feel good then I say do it,
I don’t know what you’re waiting for

Feel my temperature rising
There’s too much heat I’m gonna lose control
Do you want to go higher, get closer to the fire,
I don’t know what you’re waiting for

Come join the party, yeah
Coz anybody just won’t do.
Let’s get this started, yeah
Coz everybody wants to party with you.

Boy you got a reputation, but you’re gonna have to prove it
I see a little hesitation,
And Madonna have to show you that if it feels right, get
on your marks
Step to the beat boy that’s what it’s for

Put your arms around me
When it gets too hot we can go outside
But for now just come here, let me whisper in your ear
An invitation to the dance of life

Come join the party, it’s a celebration
Anybody just won’t do
Let’s get this started, no more hesitation
Coz everybody wants to party with you

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
You look familiar…
You wanna dance? …Yeah.
I guess I just don’t recognize you with your clothes on… (laughs)
What are you waiting for?

Boy you’ve got it
Coz anybody just won’t do
Let’s get it started, no more hesitation
Coz everybody wants to party with you

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