viernes, 13 de febrero de 2009

"FREEDOM 90". GEORGE MICHAEL. Un Grito Para La Libertad...............Libertad Verdadera Que Es Casi Imposible De Conseguir....CONSIGUELA!!!!!


I won't let you down

I will not give you up

Gotta have some faith in the sound

It's the one good thing that i've got

I won't let you down

So please don't give me up

Because i would really, really love to stick around

Heaven knows i was just a young boy

Didn't know what i wanted to be

I was every little hungry schoolgirls pride and joy

And i guess it was enough for me

To win the race? A prettier face!

Brand new clothes and a big fat place

On your rock and roll tv

But today the way i play the game is not the same

No way

Think i'm gonna get me some happy

I think there's something you should know

I think it's time i told you so

There's something deep inside of me

There's someone else i've got to be

Take back your picture in a frame

Take back your singing in the rain

I just hope you understand

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

All we have to do now

Is take these ties and make them true somehow

All we have to see

Is that i don't belong to you

And you don't belong to me


You've gotta give for what you rake


You've gotta give for what you take

Heaven knows we sure had some fun boy

What a kick just a buddy and me

We had every big-shot goodtime band on the run boy

We were living in a fantasy

We won the race

Got out of the place

I went back home got a brand new face

For the boys on mtv

But today the way i play the game has got to change

Oh yeah

Now i'm gonna get myself happy.

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